Surveying & EMI Scanning

TGMS Ltd offer a variety of pre and post construction surveying options.

Pre-Construction & Feasibility

EMI scanning and initial site surveys are the starting point for any feasibility study and are a prerequisite for most funding bodies and planning applications. The resultant surveys provide vital information that is utilised throughout the design phase of a project.

  • Levels
  • Existing pitch layouts
  • Existing drainage infrastructure
  • Ditch and stream levels to ascertain drainage outfall levels
  • Site boundaries

chelsea topo

TGMS use a non-invasive method to produce soil variation maps at two depths, 0 to 0.75m (topsoil) and 0.75m to 1.5m (subsoil). These maps can show details of under soil features that would not be identified from a conventional site visit. They are often used for targeted soil sampling, thereby economising on the number of test pits that require excavation.

chelsea emi

TGMS can carry out drainage CCTV surveys to ascertain the condition of piped drainage e.g. if a pipe is blocked or broken, and to find out if there is a connection to outfall. The location of these findings can subsequently be surveyed or marked on the ground.

Drainage Camera Survey

Construction & Post Construction

  • Setting out
  • Earthworks levels checking
  • As built drainage surveys
  • Post construction levels surveys

As built drawings are often needed before a project can be signed off for completion or are required for the O & M manual and Health & Safety file under CDM regulations (2015).

All surveys are carried out using the latest Leica Viva GPS and TPS surveying equipment and are to the OSGB datum. The survey results can be supplied in a variety of formats, including AutoCAD dwg, dxf, pdf or hard copy up to A0 size.

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